Cage Set Up


If you use fleece (on shelfs), please wash it several times before you use it the first time. Further, put an absorbent layer (puppy training matts for example) underneath.

You have to change their bedding/toilettes. We have to clean our cages daily, latest every second day. Rats are more sensitive than we humans. So when we smell the pee & poo, they have smelled it long ago, in addition, their lungs are very sensitive to the ammonia in pee.

One good tip is to use a small stone to create a ‘pee rock’ in the rats toilet, they will stand on it and poo/pee in one easy to clean place. To toilet train them, simply pick up loose poo from around the cage and put it in the toilet.

You should get a bedding that is dust-free, as mentioned, rats have very sensitive lungs, that’s why one cages with bars are used, never glass tanks, the idea is to promote good airflow.

Most people use Back2Nature (there is a cheaper version as well), paperflakes, safebed (wool small animal bedding) or similar you can buy in the shop, Auboise,  finacard, bedmax, fleece, cotton etc. Some people prefer one to the other, so you have to find out what your own preference is.


Give them an active layout with ledders, ropes, hiding places like hamocks, spotniks, houses or tubes shelving, gnowing blocks, toilette

Examples of cages you could get. If you get kittens, please check that the gaps between the bars and the gap by

the bottom tray is small enough that they can't get throw .

This is a link that calculates how many rats you could put into a cage.

Following list is only a recomondation and you don't need to buy exactly the same.


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