About Rats

Rats are available in different colours, markings, fur, eye colours and ears. Every rat has it's own personality.

Bucks are more chilled out then females.

Ideal age to home a kitten is 8 weeks.

It is best to keep them in groups of minimum 3

General live span 2-3 years. Some live shorter and some longer. Tumors, abscess, respiratory infection are common.

Rats are very intelligent and can be trained. We find rats very clean little creatures, their main activities are cleaning themselfs and sleeping, apart from eating.

Keep them cool in the summer: good air circulation (if it’s too hot).

A good variet and balanced diet. Make sure they have food and fresh water daily. Don't give them any citrus food, specially not for the boys.

Need to be handled and given daily attention and free roaming time, around a minimum of an hour.

Rats are highly social creatures and MUST have the company of other rats (same sex) or they will

get depressed.

Do not feed your pets through the bars, that’s for your sake, and your fingers, as they may get confused, especially with children or guests doing it.

Their lungs are very sensitive to the ammonia in pee, so clean the cage and the toilettes regular.

Dust-free bedding, as mentioned, rats have very sensitive lungs.

Never glass tanks.


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