Male rats are called bucks

  • bigger
  • fur is generally a little rougher
  • have a tendency to urine mark, more than females
  • don't feed citrus
  • bit soppier, more cuddly and more tolerant
  • seem to depend more on the human
  • tend to have more greece than females
  • can get more hormonal agression age 5-10monts when they change to adulthood
  • harder to intruduce to each other when all of them are grown up
  • have a penis and balls
  • gets even more chilled out when getting older

Females rats are called does

  • smaller
  • fur is generally a little softer
  • more active, curious and entertaining
  • looking for nest material and building nests
  • more independent
  • come into heat every 4 days
  • more prone to mammary tumours
  • easier to train
  • have 12 nibbles and a vergina
  • easier to introduce even when they are older
  • calm a bit down when getting older

Male or Female Rat?

The following are generalisations only. Which sex you chose is totally down to personal preference.


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