Rat pellets, vegetables, fruit, dried bread, mealworms (live or dried).

Supreme Petfoods Science Selective Rat, Beaphar Care+ Rat Food and a muesli mix, Vital Sticks,

Yogurt Drops for treats, Beaphar Vitamin from time to time and fresh food (egg, vegetables, fruits, salad, mealworms, chicken, etc.), nuts, oat etc..

Fresh water daily.

Don't give the little ones too much pasta or milk products because their digestive system is still not fully developed. Also not too much wet food when they are still babies/kittens. Rats like any kind of food, especially banana and eggs (boiled to avoid mess, but they take them any way they can!). Don't give them any citrus food, specially not for the boys, as it causes kidney stones in rats, and no soya products. Also not too much fresh food the first few months.

Do not feed your pets through the bars, that’s for your sake, and your fingers, as they may get confused, especially with children or guests doing it.

Keep them cool in the summer: good air circulation (if it’s too hot), ice cubes in the water bottle, a bowl with water and peas in for fishing.


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