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We are a rattery on the South Coast in England, in Bournemouth, Dorset.

We are a member of the NFRS and a registered breeder with them.


Some years ago, we have started to breed, not for sale but for ourselves. Then in the summer of 2015, we decided to breed pet rats for other rat lovers too. We breed for good temper, health, and a nice fur.


In 2016 we attended our first rat show. In 2018 we have started to enter some shows again and won in different categories and other places.


We aim to breed champagne, light-coloured champagne and black rats in Self, Berkshire and Hooded.

We also breed Siamese rats with red eyes but have not planned any litters for 2019 yet.

From time to time we have following colors: agouti, silver fawn, topaz or buff and following markings: berkshire, blazed, roan etc.

There will be related colours and markings. The rats will be top or dumbo eared and have a standard

soft coat or rex.


All kittens come with a birth certificate. They are sold in same-sex groups. An ideal number is a group of 3. For new rat owners, we recommend to get a group of a minimum of 3 rats. We will only sell single kittens if you have rats of a similar age and via prior discussion. The age we will home kittens is 8 weeks. All rats are sold as ‘pet' only.

If for any reason you cannot keep the rats, you must contact us immediately to discuss returning them

to us at no cost to the rattery.


We will ask you on regular basis to provide us with updates on the health and wellbeing of the kittens. This information would be used to assist us in our future breeding plans and to improve the health and longevity of the line.


We sell only healthy rats. So if your rat gets injured or sick then something is wrong with your existing

rats, the environment or your care.

It is your responsibility to look after the rat's health once it leaves our home.


If you are interested in getting rats from our rattery, please contact us by e-mail and we send you an application adoption form to fill out. The wait can be from a few weeks up to a few months.

You are welcome to follow us on facebook to view current pairings and available litters with a lot of pictures.


Further, we do not the only breed as the most rats we have are only pet rats, including the retired ones.

As we have formed a bond and relationship with all of our rats and we all love them, we keep them when they retire from breeding. So they may enjoy the rest of their lifes with us and their friends. The

most important things for us are that our rats are healthy and happy.


Our website is beeing updated regular with more information and changes, however, it is possible that not everything is up to date. Also, there can be typo, gramma or spelling mistakes etc. as the person who handles it, English is not the first language.



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